The American Dream

Leonardo da Vinci portrait, SculPainting.

On this website, you can find a section: 2015-2020 ArtWorks.
2015 is the year I arrived in New York City with only one motivation, to become the artist I was meant to be. The day after my arrival I set on the desk and I thought " I need to paint." The reason is that to be seen as an artist in the Big Apple I had to show people my ideas, talent, portfolio.

From Italy, I carried one suitcase and a few drawings, that's it! I always knew the surface for my artworks is canvas, and I just had pictures of the artworks, which is a good start but nothing tangible. I remodeled the Instagram account and I started creating as tomorrow does not exist. Painting after painting, layers on layers, artworks, media, colors, and texture style research.

In 5 years I made about 600 artworks if not more between canvases, sculptures, drawings, and the hundreds of paintings I covered to exercise!  Instagram is my portfolio of 5 years of experimentation in New York City, and, of course, I did not share everything.

Experimenting is a long process for me. Finding the right ideas combined with colors, shapes, meaning, and textures is exciting. Nothing better than rhapsodizing through art discovery! 

If you didn't do it yet, follow me on Instagram to understand better what I am talking about: from the ColorJuice series to the branded c lothes, enjoying every moment of it.
You can follow the link or just use your phone here: 


  1. My favorite part is where you mention Experimenting. I can appreciate how it’s such a long process for each piece. For a buyer, that says to me that I get a part of your heart and soul when I make a purchase. You truly put so much into each sculpture, each canvas you create. Thanks for sharing you talent and your gift.

    1. Thank you so mcuh for your kind comment. Experimentation is what keep alive my interest on making art: exploring new ways to express myself. The process is intimate, reflective, it involve every sense. You are right thinking to buy a part of the artist soul! I cannot talk for every artist but I personaly give everything to my art process.

      My direction is textures creation, abstract figurative for now. In the future? Who knows!? :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Coming to New York from Italy. Your humble beginnings, I can imagine the one suitcase with your beautiful drawings. I can appreciate how you had so few canvases and the layers upon layers of materials just grew and formed into these this ingenious idea, these perfect creations. I can see the Sculpaintings the discarded items, these masterpieces coming to life right before my eyes. You are a true artist. Thank you for sharing your gift and talent with all of us.

    1. That is too kind! I simply follow my vision and direction trying to respect the planet where we live. Sharing is communicating to people and I am glad that some of you support me so much.

  3. I'm your biggest fan. I love your work! It speaks to me. Everyone should have a Catini piece.

    1. I know :) we probably have too many of them!!! Our private art museum. Thank for your support :)


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