The 3D Research

Detail :"Tridimensional Guernica" 2017

Another dimension was needed on my paintings: a different angle to explain things, it was the birth of micro-worlds. Did you recognize which one of my paintings is the one in the picture above?
(I bet you did not without the caption!) because this is the tricky beauty of the tridimensional experience. A new world. A different explanation of perception.

In "Tridimensional Guernica", a sculptural painting made in 2017 ( I call them SculPaintings) you can spend much time understanding what lives inside this artwork. We can discover stones, foam, seashells, bones, plastic cups, clay to add more texture. To reach the TTT(texture to touch) which is the point of my latest creation. 

Enhancing the tactile feeling is part of my research while telling a story. In a painting as the "Guernica" of Pablo Picasso, there is very little information to add if not a 3rd dimension. It is a painting that said it all against the atrocity of the war.

Learn more about the Picasso "Guernica" in this video:

How it starts

Layers and layers of paintings under my paintings: for many reasons. Experimenting is a wonder that collects texture on canvas. The Action Painting method leaves strokes and shapes, which I learn to love with time. The need for painting has always been strong in my life since my early childhood, waking up at 5am to draw before school.

I found myself often without a surface to explore my creativity if not the paintings I had already made. Only the "stronger" survived: artworks very convincing and complete, I consider the others as a base. How do you paint on a surface that is not flat? This is what I learned and kept myself busy experimenting even more. 

Palette knives, thick paintbrush strokes, or watery shades. Sponges in different shades, acrylics, oil, gouache, gel medium, and modeling paste, handmade. Plaster has been a great discovery a few years back to create textures, items, people, or entire landscapes. 

The SculPaintings™Project was born in 2016 using unusual & unwanted materials.



  1. I like how you use unwanted and unused items that you find. This Sculpainting is extremely innovative, it is what makes That’s the true definition of art. I enjoy seeing the Art jump out at me.

    1. Thank you. It is amazing the things you can do with simple items in your own house. I'm thinking about to teach this style because it's interesting, new and eco-friendly. My items are not picked up on the streets as recycle, I simple save everyday "trash": plastic bottle caps are great for eyes:), I used to save everything. I will write more than an article about it.


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