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Tips for Buying Art as a Gift

I believe that a work of art makes a thoughtful and heartfelt present because of its uniqueness. It's all extremely personal, from the concept to the construction of the work to the selection of a particular piece. Going down on one's knees demonstrates that you care. A gift like this is sure to make the recipient feel extremely special. There are several ways of buying art online or straight from the artists themselves to make things even simpler. The following are some tips to consider when buying art as a present, considering all budgets. Decide on a Spending Plan Whatever the occasion, whether it's a milestone birthday, a new home, a baby's first communion, or even a marital one, the scope of your budget may dictate whether you purchase an original painting, a sculpture, or a limited edition print. Having a budget in mind can help you focus your search and be more realistic about your possibilities.  If you can, get the services of a financial counselor who can he

The American Dream

Leonardo da Vinci portrait, SculPainting. On this website, you can find a section: 2015-2020 ArtWorks. 2015 is the year I arrived in New York City with only one motivation, to become the artist I was meant to be. The day after my arrival I set on the desk and I thought " I need to paint." The reason is that to be seen as an artist in the Big Apple I had to show people my ideas, talent, portfolio. From Italy, I carried one suitcase and a few drawings, that's it! I always knew the surface for my artworks is canvas, and I just had pictures of the artworks, which is a good start but nothing tangible. I remodeled the Instagram account and I started creating as tomorrow does not exist. Painting after painting, layers on layers, artworks, media, colors, and texture style research. In 5 years I made about 600 artworks if not more between canvases, sculptures, drawings, and the hundreds of paintings I covered to exercise!  Instagram is my portfolio of 5 years of experimentatio

The 3D Research

Detail :"Tridimensional Guernica" 2017 Another dimension was needed on my paintings: a different angle to explain things, it was the birth of micro-worlds. Did you recognize which one of my paintings is the one in the picture above? (I bet you did not without the caption!) because this is the tricky beauty of the tridimensional experience. A new world. A different explanation of perception. In "Tridimensional Guernica", a sculptural painting made in 2017 ( I call them SculPaintings) you can spend much time understanding what lives inside this artwork. We can discover stones, foam, seashells, bones, plastic cups, clay to add more texture. To reach the TTT(texture to touch) which is the point of my latest creation.  Enhancing the tactile feeling is part of my research while telling a story. In a painting as the "Guernica" of Pablo Picasso, there is very little information to add if not a 3rd dimension. It is a painting that said it all against the atrocity o